Brother and Sister Doctors

Fekadu was one of our first ever students.

This was his profile in 2005: Fekadu’s parents are farmers who live away from Addis Ababa. Fekadu has nine brothers and sisters and his parents are unable to support all of their children. The family lives in a grass-covered hut with no window. Space is so cramped that the boys must sleep on hay outside. Fekadu goes to school in Addis Ababa. To make ends meet, after school Fekadu shines shoes outside one of the large hotels in Addis Ababa. With the money he earns, he is able to buy food, although often he is unable to pay for two meals a day.

Fekadu’s wish is to become a doctor. It is touching that, for such a young boy with so little, he would most like to help people who are unable to help themselves. Fekadu is aware of the great opportunity provided by the scholarship programme. We are certain that he will make the most of this opportunity.

He was selected for our programme in 2005.

He graduated from high school in 2010 and went off to university to study medicine.

During 2013/14 Fekadu was the elected President of the Ethiopian Medical Students Association (Adama Branch) and also Vice President of the whole of the Ethiopian Medical Students Association. As part of his role he represented Ethiopia at a conference of the International Federation of Medical Students Association in Tunisia.

Fekadu in 2016: Fekadu is a Doctor now and works in one of the best hospitals in Ethiopia.

In 2018, his sister Meskerem (also an EEF student) graduated as an anaesthetist. A few months back they were in the operating theatre at Asella hospital together which is when the photo was taken.

And to round things off, their brother Sisay (also an EEF student) will become a qualified engineer in 2020 after graduating from university.

We are so proud of their achievements and would love to help so many more youngsters who have huge potential.

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