Fundraise for us

Fundraising for EEF

If you would like to do some fundraising for EEF, you’re on the right page.

Why not do something fun and challenging and make it rewarding by getting sponsored for it by friends, family and colleagues.

Whether you are a keen runner, walker, cyclist, swimmer or a marathon knitter, with a bit of creativity and determination you can support our students and help us to create real change.

Why not host a dinner party for friends where everybody chips in a tenner, or bake some cakes and ask for donations.

You can ask us to create a page here on our site where people can make contributions directly. Please email  achim @

And if all of these ideas don’t resonate with, you then you could support us by shopping. That’s right, shopping. Every time you purchase something at Amazon, EEF will get a few pennies. And that all adds up over the year. You can sign up right here (of course there is no charge to you and the prices are the same!)