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We help destitute children gain access to university education because we believe that education is the way out of poverty


We have been working in Ethiopia since 2004 and have directly supported over 230 destitute children who have become university graduates (19 of them as medical doctors, over 20 have received international scholarships). Full impact statistics can be found here.

We are a great organisation for schools to work with because

  • We create stories that are tangible and easy to understand for children of all ages. Our student profiles fully explain the backgrounds of our students and their success stories provide a full circle experience.
  • We create effective and sustainable outcomes from the donations we receive.
  • Your students can directly communicate with their sponsored students by email (*Addis Ababa programme only)


Student Backgrounds:

Many of our students come from the harshest of backgrounds. (example profile Jack)

Often, they have left their families behind to get educated, some of them have fled war-torn areas at a young age (between 8 and 12 years), many of them are orphaned.

When we meet them, they may live in one of the many refugee camps, or in one-room mud huts with a distant relative or sometimes even by themselves. There is no access to electricity, no water and no toilet. They do not have furniture or any type of possessions.

To reach their schools, the youngsters often walk two hours each way and after school they need to earn money to be able to afford a basic meal.

Despite the hardship they endure, the youngsters on our programme are also the most promising boys and girls in terms of academics. Our scholars usually rank between 1st and 3rd in classes of often up 100 children, cramped into small rooms. Usually three students share a tiny bench and often there are only 4-5 books for the whole class, which they readily share.


How We Do It

Our concept is simple and has proven to be extremely successful. What our students need to succeed is:

  • A safe place to live
  • Food to eat
  • Time to study

Gambella Programme:

In order for them to fulfil their potential, we find our students safe places to live (three students sharing) near the school with enough electricity for a light bulb.

The huts are kitted out with desks and chairs so that they can study together. They also receive mattresses, blankets, pillows and sheets, a towel and other essential items.

We also provide them with a monthly allowance for

  • three meals per day: An egg, banana and a bread roll (for breakfast), a traditional vegetable dish and occasionally meat (for lunch) as well as their custom maze stew (dinner) which they cook themselves.
  • Some new clothes each year
  • Study materials throughout their years in school.

Addis Ababa Programme:

Our Addis Ababa students live in our own student hostel where we provide all of the above as well as workshops and seminars and full time day to day care. These students visit one of the best private schools in the country where fees are significantly higher.



How to support us


The best way to support us is by dircetly sponsoring a student.

Sponsorship for our Gambella programme is only £400 per year (£1.10 per day). Sponsors receive

  • Two report cards per year (March and July)
  • Two short letters written by the student each year (March and July)
  • 1-2 short reports on their progress each year (March and July)
  • 2-3 general EEF newsletters each year
  • Lots of regular updates about our overall programme on our website and on Facebook.

We still have some students who are looking for sponsors this year.

Please sponsor a student of our Gambella Programme today.




Sponsorship for our Addis Ababa programme is £990 per year (£2.71 per day). Sponsors receive

  • Four report cards per year (November, February, April and July)
  • a Minimum of four emails written by the student each year (one during each school quarter)
  • 4 one page reports on their progress each year (one after each school quarter, incorporating school results)
  • 2-3 general EEF newsletters each year
  • Lots of regular updates about our overall programme on our website and on Facebook.

We will start the application process for our 2021 intake in September 2020.

Please sponsor a student of our Addis Ababa Programme today.


If you prefer to make a donation instead, we welcome any donations large or small, one-off or ongoing. Please make a donation here

If you prefer to make a bank transfer, please email us for details.


If you woulkd like to set up a fundraising page for EEF we would encourage you to do so on our website. It can be done very easily and we will not have to pay JustGiving’s heavy monthly fees. Please email us and we will set this up for you immediately.

Thank you !