Sponsor a girl

sponsor a girlFor only £35 per month you can sponsor one of our amazing girls! For that amount (just £1.10 per day) we provide them with excellent schooling, safe housing, three meals each day and everything else they need to have an amazing future!

Having worked in Ethiopia for 15 years, we understand that poverty is complex. It goes further than just a lack of money. It’s also a lack of choice and power.

From the moment they’re born, many Ethiopian girls are seen and treated as less than boys. Girls are less likely to go to school than their brothers, and a vast percentage of girls are married as children, often to much older men.

This is why during the last 15 years we have supported over 100 girls with high school and university education. 45 have already graduated from university (9 as medical doctors), 35 are at university and 21 are currently in high school.


Our students come from extremely deprived backgrounds. Many of them are orphans or they have left their families in the countryside (where schools are rare) in order to continue their education in Addis Ababa. Often they have to work as maids in order to survive and they have very little time to study (or play!) All our students have one thing in common: they have a desire to learn and to succeed.

All we have to do is to enable them, by giving them a safe place to live and nutritious food to eat. With EEF’s help they can focus on their studies and thrive.

sponsor a girl

Sponsorship starts at only £1.10 per day and with this you will be able to change a life forever… just like that of Asresach:

Asresach Addis

Asresach  has never met her parents and ever since she was adopted at a young age of 6 (by an old woman and her three middle aged sons) she led a life that resembled more that of a servant rather than a child. She was their cleaner, cook and general housemaid. They allowed her to go to day school at first, but from the age of 12 she was only permitted to go to night school, so as to not interfere with her work commitments in the house.

Her primary school teacher nominated her for an EEF scholarship. It was an easy choice for him as she was not just extremely needy but also charming, switched on, and she scored an average of 97%

Asri sat the EEF exam, wrote an application, passed the EEF assessment center, moved into the EEF hostel and never looked back, constantly scoring over 95% average, even at our partner school, School Of Tomorrow, where competition is tough.

After high school, Asresach won a life-changing full scholarship at New York University Abu Dhabi where she is now studying.

Without our help, it would have been impossible for Asresach to continue to high school.




Asresach NYUAD result

We at EEF firmly subscribe to the saying that “educating a girl means educating a nation” and we strongly believe that educating a girl is the best way to end the poverty cycle.




Thank you.