Sponsor a student old

Sponsoring a student with EEF is a most effective way of providing a life-changing opportunity for a deserving youngster in one of the most deprived countries in the world.

As this is a long-term investment, we need to ask our sponsors to make a multi-year commitment.  Sponsorship should cover at least high school (4 or 5 years) but most of our sponsors continue to support their students also during the university years.

As a small charity, if sponsors drop out after one or two years, it is really tough for us to find emergency replacements, and of course we cannot take a student out of the programme. We hope that you understand this when making the decision to sponsor. If you do not wish to commit to at least four years of high school then please consider paying the annual amount as a one-off donation instead.

We have two types of high school sponsorships as well as a university sponsorships for a very small number of students.

Please select your type of sponsorship below. You will be able to pay monthly too.


EEF students in Addis Ababa Addis Ababa Programme

Students live in our EEF hostel and go to one of the most successful private schools in Ethiopia, School of Tomorrow. We have been running this programme successfully for 15 years.

  • duration: 4 years of high school
  • students live at the EEF hostel
  • students have access to shared computers and will write 4 emails per year minimum to their sponsors
  • sponsors receive 4 student reports (school performance) per year from EEF
  • sponsors receive an annual newsletter in addition to updates via the website and social media

Addis Ababa Programme – £990 per year (luckily all our Addis students have found sponsors already this year, so this option is currently not available)


Gambella Programme Gambella primary school students

Students visit the best high school in the Gambella region and live in safe, EEF rented, accommodation, together with two or three other EEF students.

  • duration: 5 years – last year of primary school plus 4 years of high school
  • students are kitted out with all necessary materials and are provided with a generous monthly allowance for food and their other needs
  • students are being monitored monthly and evaluated quarterly
  • students write two letters to their sponsors per year (sent by email from EEF)
  • sponsors receive two student reports (school performance) per year from EEF
  • sponsors receive an annual newsletter in addition to updates via the website and social media

Gambella Programme – £400 per year




University Sponsorship

Very few sponsors do not continue their support throughout university. But for those students whose sponsors have to discontinue after high school, we offer these sponsorships. University in Ethiopia includes free board. Our allowance (£1 per day) is important for our students to be able to afford absolutely essential items without having to worry.

  • EEF introduce the students directly to their sponsors by email
  • communication is direct between student and sponsor
  • EEF monitor university performance each semester
  • EEF send sponsors a university transcript once per year

Sponsor a university student – £365 per year