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Why Voluunteer

Why Volunteer

Throughout the year, we are supported by local helpers as well as volunteer visitors from all over the world. If you are interested in visiting Addis Ababa, you could stay at our hostel where we’ve set aside a couple of rooms with en-suite bathroom facilities to accommodate our volunteer guests. You can live and work...

Gambella Programme – Starter Kits

We are looking for contributions to cover the cost of the “Starter Kits” Desks, chairs, mattresses, blankets, pillows and towels cost £60 per student. If you would like to help by covering this for one or more of our students, please make a donation here.

Sponsorship Programmes

Since 2004 we have provided secondary and tertiary education scholarships to severely under-privileged yet highly motivated, academically talented children in Ethiopia. Our concept is simple and effective: We carefully select the most promising and deserving students and we provide them with a safe place to live as well as food and everything they need to...